double function

Hey there - I'm Steve Lee, a game / level / narrative designer and consultant based in London, England. Double Function is the company I setup for freelance work.

Here are some of the roles I've worked in over the last 17 years:
   - Lead Level Designer on Half Mermaid's unannounced horror game (current)
   - Level Designer on "Tactical Breach Wizards" with Tom Francis
   - Senior Level Designer on "Dishonored 2" at Arkane Studios Lyon
   - Senior Game Designer on "Alba: A Wildlife Adventure" with UsTwo Games
   - Lead Level Designer + Game Designer on "John Wick Hex" with Bithell Games
   - Design Consultant with Blendo Games, White Paper Games, Riffraff, Techland
   - Senior Designer on "Judas" at Ghost Story Games
   - Level Designer on "Bioshock infinite" at Irrational Games
   - Level Designer on "Bulletstorm" at People Can Fly

My Youtube channel: Talking about Level Design
My GDC 2017 talk: An Approach to Holistic Level Design
My DD 2018 talk: Creative Process for Level Designers

E-mail: steve [at] doublefunction []
Twitter: @essell2
Work history: LinkedIn