double function ltd is the company of steve lee,
a systems / level / narrative designer and consultant
based in london, england.

steve has worked in the following roles, among others:
   - contract senior designer with ghost story games (on ken levine's next project)
   - senior level designer on "dishonored 2" at arkane studios
   - design consulting visit to techland (wroclaw studio, aug 2018)
   - design and narrative consultant on "the occupation" by white paper games
   - game design consultant on an unannounced project from glitchers
   - level designer on "bioshock infinite" at irrational games
   - level designer on "bulletstorm" at people can fly

he's currently open to consulting and contract work
in london and remotely (including international studio visits).
If you've any questions or ideas, get in touch!

e-mail me: steve [at] doublefunction [co.uk]
my twitter: @essell2
my work history: linkedin
my gdc 2017 talk: an approach to holistic level design
my dd 2018 talk: creative process for level designers